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In a time when we are facing so much uncertainty, there is hope in one thing and that is God's word. In this 5 day devotional, be challenged to change your outlook on what you're facing.

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Even If (Bible Study) Episode 4

We live in a 'worst-case scenario' world. Watch the news for even a moment and you're bombarded with countless terrible tragedies. But sometimes, our mind is even better at coming up with the 'what-ifs' in our own lives, that compete with even the worst of headlines. Are we doomed to be a prisoner of our own worst-case scenarios? Or is there a way to move forward with hope in a God that holds ever ....

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This series is designed to provide two practical instruction videos along with videos focused on parents and spiritual interaction with those with special needs. 4 of 5 ....


Meet Overcomer Ministries

Our mission is to overcome obstacles to Jesus. Overcomer Ministries provides Christ-centered occupational therapy consulting, solutions, training, and tools for disability ministry. Our vision is for people of all abilities to have full access to develop a relationship with Jesus, worship, fellowship with other believers, grow in discipleship and serve in ministry. ....


Having the Mind of Christ

In the midst of deeper challenges which disability may bring, how do we have the mind of Christ towards our circumstances or, even, towards our child with special needs. Pastor Sean Harrelson guides us through his own experience as a father and through the truth of God's Word. ....

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