Wrestling with God Curriculum

Wrestling with God Curriculum :: Shine On

Troubling circumstances tend to do one of two things to people. Either it will draw people closer to God or drive them further away. When people face troubling circumstances it is only natural that they have more questions than answers in their lives. While working through these tough questions it can feel like people are wrestling with God.


Teaching Kids about Disability: Stand in Front

When you're talking to a friend with a disability, remember to stand in front. Your friend won't be able to see you if you’re behind them! ....


Teaching Kids about Disability: Disability Awareness Training Stations

Fun activities for experiencing life with various disabilities. ....


Teaching Kids about Disability: Autism

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Teaching Kids about Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Start with "Hello!" Maddy, who has cerebral palsy, shares about a time when a girl named Rosie made her feel loved and included at school. Just a simple hello made all the difference for Maddy, so next time you see someone alone, go and say hi – who knows what will happen! ....